League Rules

Men’s League Rules


1 Net Best Ball

Flights and Handicaps:

It will be flighted based on entire team handicaps. Handicaps for each golfer must be submitted prior to league. If an active handicap is not submitted for each team member 1 point will be subtracted from the team’s total points each week until all team members have an active handicap. 80% of your entire GHIN handicap Index will be used this year. This is different than in previous years as it has been 80% of your playing handicap score. All tournaments open to non-members will use playing handicap will be used.


Non-member subs are allowed to golf a maximum of 8 times for your team. They must pay for their GHIN $35, a one-time fee, and a $15 fee each round. Their handicap will not be input until they have an active GHIN generated score. This means if you plan on using someone, they might want to activate their GHIN right away so they can get scores entered and a handicap generated. Subs will not be taken via phone! Subs must be submitted to generalmanager@southernhillshastings.com You can text to an email address from your phone. In the to box just enter the email address. In the body of the text provide your name and phone number, the subs name and handicap if a nonmember. Sub emails must be submitted by 12:00 PM on league day to ensure they are input into the system. If emails are submitted after noon there is no guarantee they will be into your lineup. We will do our best to get them input, but no guarantee after 12:00. This will affect the pops and match scoring. It will not update until all the results are finalized. Email can be received until 6:00 PM.


Results will be posted by Thursday at 6:00 PM. You must wait until then to access your results if a sub was not entered during your match. It will not be available sooner.


This year skins must be prepaid at the beginning of the season. All paying participants will only compete against each other. Skins will be gross skins only. It will be split between flights 1 and 2 combined and flights 3 and 4 combined. Cost will be $80 per player. This qualifies you for each week. The pot will be split between the winners and the SHGA. If there is no winner for the week the pot will roll over to the next week. Each pot will start with $50 donations from the SHGA.


-At any time, a player may mark their ball, pick it up, clean it, and replace it.

-When a shot goes out of bounds a player has two options. Option 1 rehit from the current spot and assess yourself a one stroke penalty. Option Two players should take the distance to where the ball crosses the boundary (not where the ball lands) go straight across and drop in the fairway. A two-stroke penalty will be assessed. So, for example, on hole number 5 a player tees off and hits the ball out of bounds. He goes to the spot where the ball passed the boundary and places the ball straight across from that spot in the fairway. He will now be hitting 4 from the fairway.

-It is up to your opponents if they would like to concede a putt or make you putt it out. Either is acceptable, so there should be no complaints to clubhouse personnel as we have no say on the matter. If a putt is conceded you must pick up your ball and not continue putting it out.

-Players are required to mark their ball if asked.

-If a ball lands on a sprinkler head, cart path, or ground under repair area please take free relief and drop no closer to the hole and within 1 club length of the area. No one wants a broken club, and Dan doesn’t want additional work to repair damage to a head that could’ve easily been avoided.

-If a ball enters a tree and does not come down take a two-stroke penalty and drop in the fairway.

-If a ball is lost and cannot be found. The player may take a drop at an agreed upon location. The other team must agree on this location, not your playing partner. Take a two-stroke penalty. Do not go back to the previous shots location and play from there. This is to help with pace of play issues.

-Do NOT tell players how to hit their shots, ridicule them or their abilities, or proceed to put them down in any manner. It will not be tolerated, and you will be disqualified from playing in league. Everyone has varying skill levels, and everyone wants to enjoy their game. If a golfer asks for advice graciously provide them to the best of your abilities. Remember no one out here is Tiger Woods.


-If a ball goes into the bunker a player is allowed to rake and place the ball back in the sand. This includes if it is embedded.

**Ghost team and No Show Procedure**

-If a team fails to show up. The opponent will automatically receive 4.5 points per 2some. They  may each earn .5 points for a net birdie and 1 point for each net eagle.

-If two players from the same team show up and the other two do not, one player must play against each of the opponents’ teams.


Southern Hills Golf Association Fees (SHGA Fees) and GHIN payments will not be used to calculate payouts. Southern Hills Golf Association Fees go towards helping cover junior golf expenses, scholarships, course and club house improvements, higher tournament payouts, and the purchase of flag prizes. 80% of the rest of the league fees will be paid out via cash. This will be separated into payouts for 1 st -3 rd of every flight and split between 2 league halves.